Friday Fantasy – Crimson Lord

Amazing poem from my dear friend Morgan.



Verse One

Darkness Falling in Shades of Ash,
Confusion with Mortal Dread;
Crimson Wings in Perfection Beat,
Menacingly Bow Thy Crown`ed Head.

Tempest from Thine Essence Issue,
Leviathan Upon Dreadful Wing;
Cursed be Daylight, Upon us Fall,
Listen, Silenced, as Thou Dost Sing.

Tales of Splendor, Age of Gold,
Mysteries Depicting Travel;
Ophidian Eye, Pierce Thou my Soul,
My Dexterity Unravel.

Thou, Oh Crimson Lord, Be Kind,
Look Upon this Mortal Tolerantly;
Cast not Thine Ire like Liquid Flame,
Until Thou Dost Hearest my Plea.


Verse Two

Speculate, Lord, as Thou May,
O’re my Request Untold,
Stand I, Trembling, Beneath Thy Gaze,
Upon Inestimable Gold.

Seeking Naught but Thy Fair Hearing,
Waiting, Breathless, in Thy Sight;
Serpentine Laughter, Echoes Jeering,
Flaunt, Thou Lord, Thy Splendid Might.

Fearless as I, Yet, May Be,
To a Dragon, ‘Tis Perplexing;
Brazen Truth, but Untested Beat,
My Boldness Rash and Vexing.

Vicious Roar…

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