SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY – #RRBC STYLE! “Posting The (Almost) Perfect Review” A Book Review Lesson

Are you a book reviewer? Nonnie Jules gives some great tips to make your reviews stand out.

Rave Reviews By Nonnie Jules

Are you new to book reviewing?  Did you read something that was so incredibly good that you want to share it with the world?  Then, today I’m going to tell you how to post the (almost) perfect review.  Now, I am in no way saying that every review you post should be a 4 or 5 star one.  BUT, I am saying that even in the not-so-great reviews, there is still a process.  Below you will find 6 little tips on how to post reviews.  You all know I always like to interject my little two-cents in the most constructive of ways, so here goes:

1)  When you review a book, PLEASE don’t give any SPOILERS.  And don’t give any “SPOILER ALERTS” either, because just as soon as you type the words, the reader’s eyes have already moved across the line and read the SPOIL.  Don’t do that again.

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5 thoughts on “SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY – #RRBC STYLE! “Posting The (Almost) Perfect Review” A Book Review Lesson

  1. I like reading tips, despite reviewing for three years I still feel I need to refine my style but then I don’t see a day when i will be absolutely satisfied with any of my writing, I’m a picky so and so.

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    1. When we are putting ourselves out there for the public, I don’t think we ever are satisfied, We just want the best we can do to shine for other eyes. That’s not being picky. Hugs.


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