Asking Book Bloggers for reviews? A few little tips from my little book blog

Authors, Lizzy at My Little Book Blog makes some very valid comments. Please read if you are considering contact a blogger for a review, and check their website for their review policy.



Helllllo readers, a slight musing today on mylittlebookblog; I saw a post about requesting reviews and thought I would write my own. The good, the bad and the downright ugly I thought I’d share a couple of pointers on that all important email. I think each blogger will have their own views on how it’s best to go about it, but these are my personal pointers for scoring that book review.

1)       Make sure to have a nosy through their review request policy:

Although for me I accept almost all genres of books (which may explain my incredibly messy and well-stocked to-read-list) some bloggers have genres that they won’t read. It’s their blog, their choice to read certain books and sending a review request that doesn’t fit with their blog will only waste time for you and for the blogger you’ve contacted.

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2)       Do not assume

I have had so…

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    1. It will help insure that you get books to review that you are truly interested in reading, without wading through requests that are not in genres you enjoy.

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