Our Granddaughter Is Four Months Old Today!

 I thought I’d post a few photos of our granddaughter since it has been four months since she entered this world and joined our happy family. This is our cute little Halloween pumpkin (1 ½ months old). Happy Halloween 10-31-13 Our little sweetie, loves to sneak her thumb in her mouth when she sleeps.  Isn’t this about the cutest bundle of love you’ve ever seen? Josie Soothes Herself 11-15-13 She is such a happy baby. Smiling Josie 11-9-13 (4) On her two month birthday, our little angel got to meet her amazing Boston cousins.  Oh, does this picture warm Grammie’s heart!  (She hasn’t had a chance to meet her Atlanta cousin yet). Tyler and Taylor meet Josie 11-17-13  Aren’t grandchildren the greatest gift our children can give us!

Our little snowman… Our cute little snowman 11-30-13 Christmas was lots of fun this year. This little Christmas doll loved her toys. First Christmas 2013 (3 mo) Today our little grandbaby is 4 months old.  Happy Birthday precious! Josie is 4 mo old today 1-17-14 Did I forget to mention? Just like her Grammie, our little bundle of joy loves to read books.  And what does our reader have to say about this book? “It’s very colorful!” Somebody loves her book 1-9-14

24 thoughts on “Our Granddaughter Is Four Months Old Today!

  1. uh oh! She is going to be so (hmmm. I was going to say “spoiled” but I don’t believe you can spoil grandchildren–so I”m going with “loved”! Enjoy! Gail


  2. She is so beautiful!
    I love the 1st photo.
    The way she smiled, it was so princess-like. Very regal and courteous.
    How did a baby do that? 😀


    1. Thank you. There is nothing greater than a sweet new grandbaby to brighten your days. They live about 8-9 hours from us, but my son and daughter-in-law text photos of her everyday, plus videos, and they facetime about once a week. Thank goodness for technology.


    1. Thank you. She is really developing a cute personality. Unfortunately all of my grandchildren live out of town, so I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like.


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