Heading Out To Wonderful by Robert Goolrick

Heading Out To Wonderful by Robert GoolrickHEADING OUT TO WONDERFUL by Robert Goolrick pulled me in from the very beginning. I was swept up immediately by the main character Charlie Beale.  Charlie Beale is a simple person while at the same time he has a very complex personality. He arrived in the town of Brownsburg, Virginia and was hired to work in the local butcher shop where he eventually met Sylvan Glass, wife of Boaty Glass, the town’s richest citizen. Charlie befriended his boss’ young son Sam and swore him to secrecy when he and Sylvan had an affair.  Charlie’s life was filled with wonderful, but at the end it turned dark.  Why didn’t Charlie stay away? Could Charlie have prevented the tragedy caused by this relationship?

I’ve read so many positive reviews about this book, and I was afraid that it wouldn’t live up to its reputation. However, I loved the story from the start.  It seemed there was always a lure that made me turn the page and see what would happen next. I highly recommend HEADING OUT TO WONDERFUL.

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