Wonderful Trip to Sicily!

Enjoy reading about author Janice Spina and her illustrator husband John as they tour Sicily. Travel with them through their fabulous photos of food, friends, and amazing points of interest.


Beautiful Sicily!


Buon Giorno! Buon Sera! Buona Notte!

Well, I am finally home and back to blogging, email, writing and all the rest of the stuff that I do daily. I enjoyed the time away and the welcome break to get recharged and energized. I was not, however, able to post a Father’s Day note during this time. For this, I apologize. I hope all fathers out there had a relaxing day.

I had been away on vacation from June 10th – June 19th traveling all over Sicily with Collette Tours.

Map of Sicily.jpg

We had an excellent Tour Manager, Cristina, who shared the beauty and culture of this wonderful island with us. Cristina was calm, competent, and helpful and she spoke in a melodious tone that made us feel right at home. Thank you, Cristina! She kept us all together and everything running smoothly. The group was a small one – only twelve. Once we got acclimated…

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Does Reading Make You Healthier and Happier?

Janice Spina weighs in on the benefits of reading.



I recently read the column of Drs. Oz & Roizen, titled Reading makes you healthier and happier. Here is partially what Drs. Oz & Roizen had to say.

drs-oz-roizen-blog-post…But neuromarketing researchers from the University of Sussex’s Mindlab found that reading an old-fashion, open-a-book-and-learn-something text (start with “You: The Owner’s Manual,” revised) or an escape-to-the-beach-novel (try James Michener’s “Hawaii”) for even six minutes a day is more relaxing than listening to music, taking a walk or even (these were English researchers) having a cup of tea. The study says getting into a good read eases muscle tension and slows down your heart rate. That dispels stress and makes your RealAge significantly younger!

In addition, reading keeps your brain sharp, improves sleep and makes you a more interesting social animal. Also, if you know someone, especially a child, who has difficulty with reading, spend some time with them…

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Pinnacle Book Achievement Award!

Congratulations are in order for Janice Spina!


I am delighted and excited to announce that Book 2 ofDavey & Derek Junior Detectives Series, The Case of the Mysterious Black Cat, just won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the Young Adult Category! Still jumping up and down!


Best Books in the
Category of YOUNG ADULT 

Davey & Derek Junior Detectives: The Case of the
Mysterious Black Cat
Janice Spina


I have had so much fun writing this series and now with an award for Books 1 & 2 I think I am doing the right genre for me FINALLY! I have jumped around to many age levels and genres until I found the one I love the most!!

Thank you for bearing with me as I jump up and down and share my excitement!!

If you haven’t had a chance to read any of this series please go to http://amazon.com/author/janicespina7 for all Jemsbooks…

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A Soldier’s Boots

Please visit Kim Gosselin’s blog to read this very moving and heartfelt poem written in honor of those who have stood in harms way to protect this great land of ours and it’s people.

Chronic Conditions & Life Lessons

Please help bring me back

Pink eraser to wipe away pain in my head

Untie laces of dusty brown from sandy boots on feet

Remove them one by one to stroke white of limbs

Hold fingerless hand while stroking healing scars

Kiss my cheek with warm gentle lips

Like an angel’s light warm so bright

I’m more than a uniform of flesh and bones

Look at me and you may see what I used to be

I was your neighbor next door

A father or mother, a husband or wife

A sister or brother, an uncle or aunt, a cousin or friend

People loved me

Yes, I used to feel real…

With a body that moved this way and that

Before these sandy boots on my feet


I laughed and joked

Sat in the grass to play with my kids

Skipped in bare feet near the ocean so blue

Walked to…

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Happy Birthday Bear!

Greg (3 mo) 4-78 - NEWThirty-seven years ago today, I gave birth to this wonderful guy, our second of three sons.  Greg was always so full of hugs, smiles, and laughter. He loved life!

It has been ten years, three months, and one day since he left our world. I wonder what he would look like now – I have no current pictures.

Gifted with both intellect and an artistic talent, he was an emerging architect – I wonder what he could have created in those ten years.

He was the wonderful, loving father to our grandson – I wonder what amazing relationship he and his son would have now. Greg would have enjoyed watching him grow into someone who is so much like him.DSC00022 a

Too Cute - 5 moHe was a doting uncle – I wonder about the positive influence he would have had on his nephews, and how much he would have enjoyed meeting his little niece.

2-84 Todd Greg and RyanPlaying Pool 9-04 - CroppedHe was a caring brother who loved doing things with his brothers Todd and Ryan – I wonder about the all the great things they would have done together and the good times they would have shared.

Josh, Greg, Danny 12-01Greg was a good friend to just about everyone he met – I wonder how those friendships would have flourished.

Family Portrait 9-04He was a gentle, loving son to my husband and me. We are so blessed to have had twenty-six plus years with this amazing person. I miss him every moment of every day, but I have so many happy memories to bolster my spirits.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful son.