Does Reading Make You Healthier and Happier?

Janice Spina weighs in on the benefits of reading.



I recently read the column of Drs. Oz & Roizen, titled Reading makes you healthier and happier. Here is partially what Drs. Oz & Roizen had to say.

drs-oz-roizen-blog-post…But neuromarketing researchers from the University of Sussex’s Mindlab found that reading an old-fashion, open-a-book-and-learn-something text (start with “You: The Owner’s Manual,” revised) or an escape-to-the-beach-novel (try James Michener’s “Hawaii”) for even six minutes a day is more relaxing than listening to music, taking a walk or even (these were English researchers) having a cup of tea. The study says getting into a good read eases muscle tension and slows down your heart rate. That dispels stress and makes your RealAge significantly younger!

In addition, reading keeps your brain sharp, improves sleep and makes you a more interesting social animal. Also, if you know someone, especially a child, who has difficulty with reading, spend some time with them…

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5 thoughts on “Does Reading Make You Healthier and Happier?

  1. Hi there dear Michelle … Great post…. I watched a movie called “The fear of 13”. The protagonist had been convicted to deathpenalty, but later on (more than ten years after) he was vindicted due to genetic code (ADN). If I am bringing up this it is because he spent many years in jail … reading. He read more than 1,000 books and even read law books and newspapers who might have helped him find out the way to prove his innocence.
    Being a free man, he moved to England where he became a bestseller writer, husband and father. His name is Nick Yarris (Twitter: ) Love & best wishes to you, my friend 😉

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