Books by the Banks 2014

October in Cincinnati means Books by the Banks, our book festival.  This year I met some new authors and visited with some I had met in the past.  It is always an exciting event with lots of authors and many, many books to buy.  Since ours is held in October, it is a great time to pick up some gifts for the holidays as well as books for yourself.

Smiley with BookMy husband came along again this year and took some pictures and helped carry my books.

My first stop was to visit my friend Catherine McKenzie (SPIN, SPUN, ARRANGED, HIDDEN) and Jon Harrison (THE BANKS OF CERTAIN RIVERS – review to come soon).


I then met Marci Jefferson whose GIRL ON THE GOLDEN COIN is in my TBR and is begging me to read it.


Of course, I also had to stop by and say hi to Mindy McGinnis.  Her first book, NOT A DROP TO DRINK, came out last year just before Books by the Banks.  Her second, IN A HANDFUL OF DUST, came out just in time for “The Banks”.


A trip to “The Banks” wouldn’t be complete without picking up a few children’s books.



THE FORGOTTEN PUMPKIN by Hugh G. Earnhart (review to come later this week).


Of course, there were other books in my bag but, unfortunately, those authors were not available during the time I was there.

It was a fabulous event and I can’t wait until it comes back next October.

Note:  Reviews for all books will be posted as I read them.

SPUN by Catherine McKenzie

SPUN by Catherine McKenzieThis novella picks up where SPIN left off.  Amber is out of rehab and working hard to stay straight, but the paparazzi are working just as hard to portray her as the bad girl.  What will it take for the paparazzi to back off and for people to start believing in her again?

Catherine McKenzie spins a terrific story whether she is writing a novel or a novella. Her characters are believable and flawed. She will keep you guessing from page one to the end.

I loved SPIN and couldn’t wait to read SPUN to find out what happened “after”.  I recommend SPUN to everyone who has read SPIN, and to those who haven’t, I recommend both books.

To find out more about Catherine McKenzie click here for her blog, Twitter, FaceBook, Google +, and Goodreads.

To purchase SPUN (or any of Catherine’s other books) click here for Barnes and Noble, Amazon, i-Bookstore, kobo, or Powells.


HIDDEN by Catherine McKenzie

hidden-204x300Catherine McKenzie weaves a tale of secrets kept in her latest book HIDDEN. Jeff Manning is hit by a car while walking home from work and leaves two women devastated. One, his wife Claire, is left to struggle with this unimaginable loss while at the same time helping their son Seth find his way through his own suffering. The other, Jeff’s co-worker Julie, is faced with hiding her grief and at the same time burying her secret before anyone discovers it.

Written in the voices of main characters Jeff, Claire, and Tish, this book is brimming with emotion and excitement. Even though Jeff dies at the beginning of the book, his explanations interposed in this way, bring clarity to the story. HIDDEN is about the complexity of relationships – good, bad, and everything in between.

I am an ardent fan of Catherine McKenzie, and have read all of her fabulous books. HIDDEN is a masterpiece! It is carefully crafted with a story line and characters that left me mesmerized. HIDDEN is a book you will carry with you everywhere you go until you read the last words. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a truly absorbing read. I give it five stars.

To find out more about Catherine McKenzie visit:

Website      Twitter       Facebook       Goodreads

To buy her books:

Amazon     Barnes and Noble

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Books By The Banks

I had a fabulous time at Books by the Banks in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 12, 2013 (sorry, I’m late with this post).  I met some authors I have been following for quite some time and got my copies of their fabulous books signed. I also got to meet a few new authors. The fantastic indie bookstore Joseph Beth Books was there, so I bought some new books. Imagine that!

Books by the Banks 10-12-13

My husband came along and graciously took photos.

Catherine McKenzie and Allie Larkin
Catherine McKenzie and Allie Larkin

I met my lovely Facebook friends Catherine McKenzie and Allie Larkin. Meeting them was so much fun, and guess what, they met each other in person for the first time that day and were sitting at the same table.

Catherine’s books are fantastic! She has written ARRANGED, SPIN, and FORGOTTEN. Her new book HIDDEN is available now in Canada and will be available on April 1, 2014 in the U.S.

Allie’s books are STAY and WHY CAN’T I BE YOU.  Allie has an incredible sense of humor, and this same humor is found throughout her books. You will love them.

Leah Stewart 10-12-13
Leah Stewart

Leah Stewart is the author of THE BODY OF A GIRL (which I have not read yet), THE MYTH OF YOU AND ME, HUSBAND AND WIFE, and her most recent, THE HISTORY OF US.  I loved each of her books, but possibly my favorite is THE HISTORY OF US, because there were so many Cincinnati references, and having lived most of my life in Cincinnati, I could identify with the locales and, therefore, felt I was part of the story.

Maria Semple 10-12-13
Maria Semple

I met Maria Semple and though I haven’t read her books yet, I have both THIS ONE IS MINE and WHERE’D YOU GO BERNADETTE in my to-be-read pile. I am positively looking forward to these two books.

Mindy McGinnis 10-12-13
Mindy McGinnis

Mindy McGinnis was a pleasure to talk with. Every photo of her I have seen shows a beautiful smile, and guess what? Mindy smiles a lot and has a very engaging personality. Though I haven’t read her debut novel NOT A DROP TO DRINK which came out on September 24th, my copy finally arrived. Hooray!

Janeen Coyle 10-12-13
Janeen Coyle

I love children’s books, and I love pugs, so I naturally wanted to meet Janeen Coyle author of A PUG WITH A PLAN. I bought her book at Books by the Banks and couldn’t wait to go home and read it.  There will be more about her book in a later post, but I can tell you I’m so glad I stopped by her table.

Sarah Curry Rathel 10-12-13
Sarah Curry Rathel

Sarah Curry Rathel introduced me to her debut novel THERE’S SOMETHNG DIFFERENT ABOUT MY HAIR. This book is the first in a series “to help all children realize, recognize, and respect their most important characteristic – their individuality.” (From Something Different Books webpage).  I will be posting more about this delightful book in a later post.

There were several other authors I wanted to meet, but time ran short for me. It was truly an honor for me to have the opportunity to meet these remarkable ladies. Please check out the authors and their excellent books. You’ll be glad you did.