#TBT – Grave Choice #Halloween #FlashFiction

Do you need a little push to get into the Halloween spirit? If you’re like me, that spirit starts the first of October, because what isn’t there to love about Halloween. My friend, Cynthia Morgan, over at Booknvolume wrote the perfect flash fiction last year in answer to Grave Choice –
Halloween. Don’t read it alone!


Since Halloween is coming….


Weariness overcame me. Darkness spiraled up from the pit of my stomach, engulfing me, pulling me under, surrounding me. I struggled against it, trying to breath in the suffocating murk, but, like a hypnotic spell, I could not resist the tugging blackness encroaching on my thoughts. Sleep leapt upon me, like a tigress with claws bared, sinking them into my flesh, penetrating deeply, inescapable.

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