What does it mean to be an Indie Author?

Janice Spina tells us being an indie author is a work of love, but it also requires a lot of dedication and hard work.


I have been an Indie Author since 2013 and often asked myself this question. What does it mean to be an indie author? There are many things that come to mind. Some of them are positive while others are negative.

1. I am my own boss.

2. I need to promote my work tirelessly.

3. I need to keep up with all social media.

4. I need to update my blog and website with my work often.

5.  I need to actively engage my target audience in order to sell books.

6. I need to do book signings and donate books to libraries and schools.

7. I need to actively gift books to readers with the hope of receiving reviews.

Everything I do is not only time consuming but can be tedious. Being an Indie Author takes a whole lot of energy in order to be somewhat successful. I am still…

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  1. I appreciate all Janice does to become successful, and it’s great of you to share, Michelle. For others who are venturing down the same path, this post is beneficial. I wish her all the best and send hugs to you!

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