Reading is Good for You!

Janice Spina reminds us that reading is good for you.


Books for all ages!

When we read a book it is like traveling around the world, or to outer space, or to a land that only exists in a writer’s mind, or into the mind of a killer, or into the animal kingdom, or on a visit to an exotic location, or into the world of faeries or science fiction.

We can go wherever we choose to go! All we need to do is pick up a book about whatever interests us. There are millions of books online, in book stores or libraries to choose from. We can escape for as long as we choose to read.

Did you know that reading is good for you? It not only increases your word vocabulary and stimulates your mind, but also gives you a feeling of wellbeing and promotes good health, dispels feelings of loneliness, improves your memory, promotes better patterns…

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21 thoughts on “Reading is Good for You!

    1. When my children were young they enjoyed their story time before bed. We had so many books and always had a favorite they wanted read every night. We finally said, they could have their favorite after we read a new book.


  1. My daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren are all big readers. Although they live in other states, we often spend a week or so together on holidays or vacations. We keep pretty busy, but we don’t have to worry about having every minute planned because everyone comes with a book. Even my nine-year-old grandson, a big sports lover, also loves to read.


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