22 thoughts on “Guest writer – Michelle Clements James – A Ghostly Figure in the Hall

  1. It was so great to read your writing, for a change of pace, Michelle! What a great story, but I was saddened to read that your friend disappeared and hasn’t returned. Hopefully, he will someday, and keep writing, my friend. I’ll watch for more to read. 🙂 Sending hugs!


  2. This is a marvelous telling, Michelle. I believe your friend is still there, just shy now.
    I’ve had many of this kind of thing… many. You are right, some are more likely to see than others. Sometimes I think everyone can see, but we unlearn the ability because it is not accepted. Have a wonder-filled, hug-filled weekend.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Teagan. I’m so happy you enjoyed reading about my ghost. I hope you’re right about him still being here.
      Hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend, too. Love and hugs.

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  3. Oh Michelle, what a great story! Congratulations on being at Sue’s site to post it. I like that you’re showing your own writing now (although you truly are a gifted book reviewer). Perhaps your “friend” will return one day – or maybe is even watching you now from afar… Sending love ❤

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