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Are adverbs the problem? Colleen at Silver Threading found some help.

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I wrote my first draft using adverbs. For me, it is an effective way to get my creative thoughts on paper. However, this is where good editing comes in. On the second draft, I am going back to reword my sentences… This is the best article I have seen on adverbs! ❤

What are adverbs and why are they frowned upon? How can you cleanse your writing of them?

Source: Writing Tips: Abolish the Adverbs | Writing Forward

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16 thoughts on “Writing Tips: Abolish the Adverbs | Writing Forward

  1. Great post, Michelle… sometimes less is more… so we´d better put aside adverbs in we want it to run smoothly… Oh I have just used an adverb… ha… Sending love and best wishes. Aquileana ❤

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  2. Wise words. During one edit on my book, I did a search on “..ly” to help hunt down those pesky adverbs. Whenever I read drafts of others manuscripts now, they jump out and annoy me. Same with over use of adjectives. But in have to be careful with feedback, as sometimes it is a matter of different writing styles.

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        1. It’s the flipping iPad. It keeps deciding what I want to say. And some lower screen-half pops up and obscures what I am typing. Blast! (and that’s the polite form of what I am thinking – I noticed you have specifically mentioned your blog is Family Friendly.)

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  3. Editing can turn in to an adverb round up and slaughter. It’s quite brutal, once you get going. And don’t start me on the past perfect.

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