May is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

Carol Bakawyder is offering her book NOT BY DESIGN on Amazon for 99 cents in honor of May – Multiple Sclerosis Month.

Carol Balawyder

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This Mother’s Day weekend think of offering a bouquet of carnations – the symbol for Multiple Sclerosis – to your mother in support of raising awareness of MS, a disease which changes the lives of young people affected by it – In general, it strikes people who are between 15 and 40 years old.

 The video below shows what happens in the central nervous system when a person has multiple sclerosis.

  What Is MS?

Felicity Starr, the protagonist of my latest novel – Not By Design – develops MS. Like many other writers, I like to give the reader a bit of information as well as entertainment so that they come away with a feeling that they’ve learned something and had some fun as well. In Not By Design I look at  the effects that this complex disease can have on family, friends and the person suffering from MS.

In honor of raising…

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