The Makings of a Good Author Interview

Great tips on making your author interviews shine,

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When I posted my interview with Sarah Solmonson earlier this morning, it reminded me that a couple of people have asked me to put up a post on the finer points of doing an author interview. I’m not sure I would call me an expert on this topic, but I try to answer those who ask me a question, so this post is for them.

I will share my opinion here, not saying that anyone should take my words as gold, but here is what I think:

A successful author interview begins with an interesting author. I am not pointing fingers and calling anyone boring, but if you want your interview to shine, choose authors that have something to bring to the party. I like it very much when the authors I interview have a very personal interest in their story. This doesn’t mean it can’t be fiction, just…

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One thought on “The Makings of a Good Author Interview

  1. Hi, Michelle…thank you for reblogging this. As I mentioned to Ionia I’m always excited about my accomplishments as an artist and author, and always thrilled to share them. But where the humility line ends and the excitement about my work begins has always been a quandary to me. This encouraged me to continue being excited and to keep sharing.

    Sending a hug for the day,

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