New Book Fanfare – Spread the word about your new book release.

This is a great opportunity for authors.

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As an addition to the Five Star Treatment I will be added a new series to run along side. New Book Fanfare.

If you are releasing a new book this is what I need.  A cover and the About the Book.. A profile photograph and About the Author and then your links to Amazon, Goodreads or your own selling sites. Also blog and social media links.

I will then post here on the blog and send out into the world via the usual networking sites.

N.B.  I won’t know if you don’t tell me.. so please do not be modest.. it does not suit a writer!



Contact me on with your details..

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4 thoughts on “New Book Fanfare – Spread the word about your new book release.

  1. This is great of you to share, Michelle, and a wonderful gesture on Sally’s part. My book came out in January. Am I too late? I’d love to take Sally’s offer especially since all proceeds are going to another cause…let me know your thoughts. Hugs, my friend

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