WordPress Reader Changes—Do they know how you feel?


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You may have noticed a major update to the WordPress Reader recently.

There have been a few minor improvements since, which is a good sign. It shows that WordPress staff is listening.

  • Word count is now showing for all posts. Approximate time no longer shows for short posts, but appears in parentheses after the word count for longer posts.
  • It’s now possible to see who wrote the post more clearly, as a larger site icon (or blavatar—but no longer the Gravatar) appears at the top of the post followed by the name of the site.
  • The age of the post now appears at the top of the post. This makes it much easier to find where we had previously left off.


I wrote a post on the WordPress Reader changes a few days ago when the big surprise…

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7 thoughts on “WordPress Reader Changes—Do they know how you feel?

  1. I never use the reader, I bookmark all the regulars I have contact with and then use the random click on commenters approach, I like to think it’s because I’m a rebel but really my WordPress usually opens on my Dashboard so I keep forgetting.

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  2. Good morning, Michelle! I don’t really care for the changes and your post was really informative. Usually, I’ll just move forward and make the best of it but once in a great while, I might let them know how I feel. The same goes for Facebook. 🙂 I appreciate you taking the time for your readers and I wish you a Marvelous Monday! Hugs!

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  3. I honestly do try to roll with the changes. But I wish they’d settle on what they’re going to do — before — they subject us to it, AND stick with it…
    Thanks for reblogging an informative post. Many hugs!

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