Pinterest and Instagram for Writers (Yes. Really.)

Great post. There are so many ways to use pinterest, besides collecting lovely pictures.

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As much as I love language and believe in the magic of the written word, I must admit that we humans are innately visual creatures living in a visually driven era. From print magazines to television, film, and now social media, our world is consumed via highly visual mediums that use images to attract attention, convey information, and tell stories.

We writers can’t be blamed for being somewhat affronted by this state of affairs. For those of us who love to read and write, society’s general disdain for the written word can feel like a personal insult.  In my work as a copywriter and content marketer, I am often forced to concede that the best solutions require less text and more visuals. Brevity and the ability to marry words and images have become indispensible skills in today’s communication arts.

As a writer, you may resist embracing the visual. You…

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3 thoughts on “Pinterest and Instagram for Writers (Yes. Really.)

  1. Thanks for sharing, Michelle. You’re right – so much more to these platforms than just pretty pictures. 😉

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  2. Wonderful post…I went by to read the rest of it. I am very attached to PInterest for the fun of it, but I’ve also been combining my words with pictures I find on pinterest or my own paintings for a while now, and it’s amazing how far a quote or sentiment has traveled.

    Thank you for sharing this, Michelle,

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