Freelance Writing: How to Handle the Distractions

Do you get distracted while writing? Here are some tips that work for this writer.

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freelance writing

Every writer in the world wants to work from home.  Freelance Writing is hard work and the distractions are endless, not to mention the pressure.  That’s why I love this cartoon!

So I thought today I would list 10 ways I combat the distractions when writing from home.

1- I listen to music.  I turn off the television and put some music on.  Music is so therapeutic for me and it allows my brain to concentrate on my writing.

2- I have a set time for writing.  It’s an appointment in my schedule and I make sure I keep it.

3- I have a full drink in front of me.  It’s a purple cup that holds 32 oz. and I drink water from it.  Staying hydrated is crucial to keep the creative juices flowing.

4- Deep breathing exercises before I start.  This is a meditation trick and it really helps…

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