Saturday Showcase – The Light

Here is another beautiful poem by dear friend Morgan over at BooknVolume.



I Bear with me a Beautiful Light,
Forever Lit,
Forever Bright.
Shining onto my Darkened Way,
Leading me Onward,
Day by Day.

When the Winds begin to blow,
When I Stumble,
When I don’t know,
My Light grows Stronger in the Gloom
Protecting me
from Impending Doom.

When I meet Strangers along my Way
Who have stopped walking,
Unsure and Afraid,
I Lift my Light so we both can See,
And We walk Together
In its Luminosity

This Season of Perpetual Light
Guiding through the Misery,
When Darkness Chills,
Freezing out Love’s Frivolity,
Remember The Light Shining Within,
A Gift For You, A Gift for Me.


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