New Year’s Resolutions Get a Bad Rap

“So perhaps instead of New Year’s resolutions, we need to have daily resolutions.” That is an idea with a lot of promise.

Author Mark W Sasse

New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap.

That’s probably because they have the life span of a gnat. Usually.

It takes a tremendous amount of will-power and discipline to stick with something beyond a “honeymoon” two-week period following the excitement of the holidays.

Some of you can feel the stares from your spouse already. Or the whispers. Looks like she’s fallen off the wagon early this year, he might say to himself when he sees you down a whole cheesecake on January 6. In your defense, it did have fruit on top, so that’s something.

But just because a good habit is stopped doesn’t mean it was a bad idea in the first place. Far from it. Good habits are always good ideas. A list of personal improvements or goals is an excellent way to take inventory of your life.

The point all of us making resolutions have to remember…

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11 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions Get a Bad Rap

    1. Awww. Thanks so much. I am. My grandbaby is still in town for a couple of more days, so what could be sweeter. Yes, it is a great week. Hope your’s is good as well.

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      1. Oh that’s lovely 🙂 Getting to spend time with your grand daughter. Though, you definitely don’t look old enough to be a Grandmother. we’ll call you her Grand-Young-mother 🙂

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  1. I wrote this as a response to another New Year resolution post & then Blogged it, so hope you don’t mind the repetition: I watched the New Year come in only because our daughter was with us and insisted. All I could think about was what those fireworks must have cost – and who paid.And how many homeless people that kind of money could have helped. Last year I resolved to help the one homeless man in the village, but after frightening him half to death by chasing him twice to give him a pie I’d made for his dinner, I gave up on that. The family haven’t let me forget that. So no resolutions other to stop trying to change things I have no control over and get some peace in my head – and, in turn, to give my family peace in theirs by not ranting on about things.Oh, and to get a new keyboard because the ‘w’ has stopped working properly on mine – and when stupidly answering a persistent ‘troll,it didn’t have the same depth of insult when I called him ‘a tat’.


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