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Who doesn’t love a good Christmas story!  THE CHRISTMAS PIN SOCIETY by Marianne Coyne is just that and more.  It is an inspirational account of a group of friends who get together each year at Christmas for lunch and a gift exchange, but the caveat is the gifts have to be Christmas pins.  Some were nice pieces of jewelry and some were just a few dollars. This tradition continued for years until life got in the way. Some of them moved, one got divorced, and, well you know, life often takes a different turn. Then one year, Emma, came up with a plan that she thought would draw her friends back together and revive their old tradition, but in reality, it was much bigger than that. I can’t tell too much without giving too much information.

This novella is about giving from the heart, about true friendship, and about sacrifice.  It is definitely a ‘feel good’ story. The characters were everyone’s next door neighbor.  They were a mix of people who got along together in spite of their differences.

Would I recommend THE CHRISTMAS PIN SOCIETY? Absolutely!

Marianne Coyne packed a lot of story into a relatively few number of pages.  She writes from the heart.  If you would like to know more about Marianne, her books, and her art, please check out the following websites:

Her blog Leisure Lane, her Amazon Author Page, or her Goodreads Author Page.

To purchase THE CHRISTMAS PIN SOCIETY and Marianne’s other books:  Amazon.

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  1. Michelle, thank you for the wonderful review! Again, thank you. I hope you are having a Merry Christmas season. I worked 8 days in a row, and now I’ll be working 6 days in a row. Not much time for computer until after the holidays, but I wanted to come by and give you my appreciation.

    May you have a joyous, healthy, and prosperous 2015!


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    1. Marianne, thank you for stopping by and for the good wishes. I am so glad you are pleased with the review. Wow! You need some time off.
      Wishing you the best in 2015.
      Warm Regards,


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