The Wuther of Elegiac Writings

Reading this makes me want to read WUTHERING HEIGHTS all over again.

Book to the Future

Today something a little different, an Elegy from the perspective of Heathcliff – of Wuthering Heights fame – as written by my mate Amy, who is soon off for a jaunt around Thailand.  Naturally I have been bullying her to get a blog so everybody can share in my jealousy as well as being nosy about the wonderful landscapes yet to be discovered.   I trust you will all have an enjoyable weekend.
The end is never far from the beginning but
my love lasts for eternity.
I can feel him take your delicate touch, your distance gaze, your soft tresses.
My heart weeps as he carries you, lifting your soul to heaven
so hastily.
Before our time.
To see a part of you so alive yet so –
hanging like a thread, angels overhead,
my tragic love. No words can speak the pain my heart bleeds.

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