Board Books for the Youngest Readers

When my children were young I bought board books for them, lots of board books. They are just perfect for little fingers that haven’t developed the dexterity to turn a paper page while at the same time introducing them to the wonderful world of books. Of course, no matter how many books a child has, there is always one or two that are favorites, and before long she is “reading” those books on her own.

I firmly believe that a child who is read to from infancy is more likely to be a better reader, have a life-long interest in reading, and will grow her vocabulary through the words she meets in her books. Story time is a time for bonding between the child and the reader.

I recently found the following board books while on a bookstore shopping spree.

You Are My I LOVE YOU by Maryann Cusimano Love is a delightful rhyming story about a parent’s love for his child.You Are My I LOVE YOU

“I am your calm face;

You are my giggle.

I am your wait;

You are my wiggle.”

The pictures are charming and illustrate the verse on each page.

GUESS WHO! by Laura Driscoll introduces various animals with a simple rhyme telling something about each animal. The opposite page has a mirror and the animal tells what kind of animal he is and says, “Just like you.” Guess Who

“In Russia the snow

Piles up high and deep

While I am in my den,

Fast asleep”.

“I am a brown bear!

Just like you!”

YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE and RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY are both illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church. Both verses are the very ones I sang to my children when they were small. The books are well illustrated with colorful, eye-catching pictures that appeal to the youngest of readers.

You Are My SunshineRain Rain Go Away

If there is a little one in your life, check out these books and the many other children’s board books at your favorite bookstore.