Beach Plum Island by Holly Robinson

81g1jE4SKKL._SL1500_Beach Plum Island by Holly Robinson is about family ties, blended families and the trials they go through to become one loving family, the loss of parents, and family secrets.

When Ava Barrett’s father dies, she convinces her sister Elaine to come to his funeral where they both will have to face his wife, their stepmother.  Elaine still resents her father leaving their mother to marry Katy and is not afraid to show it. She directs her anger at Ava for including Gigi, their half-sister, in the family. Their father told Ava and Gigi to find their brother and tell him the truth.  Ava was confused because she didn’t have a brother.  What truth was she to tell him? While trying to solve this mysterious directive of their father, Ava, Elaine, and Gigi have a Herculean task before them, made more difficult by guilt and secrets of Ava and Elaine. What will they find in the end? Can they become one happy family?

Holly Robinson’s vivid descriptions of Boston, Beach Plum Island, and surrounding areas transport you to the setting of the book. Her characters are complex and well developed, involving you deeply in their struggles, their lives, and their loves. I loved every single one of them.

This is perhaps one of the best novels I have ever read.  I could have finished it in one sitting, but as I neared the half-way mark, I was already starting to mourn the end of the story. I wanted it to go on. I started to read just a chapter at a sitting trying to stretch it out. I didn’t want it to come to the end.

This is an excellent read anytime and anywhere, but you will surely want to tuck it in your beach bag for a lazy summer day. I give Beach Plum Island and Holly Robinson five stars!

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The Wishing Hill

The Wishing Hill by Holly Robinson

The Wishing Hill is about three strong and complicated women – Juliet, Claire, and Desiree – whose lives were shaped by a family secret. Throughout of her life Juliet felt her flamboyant mother was absent. Desiree put her theatrical career and the men she loved first in her life, and Juliet and her brother Will were often left to fend for themselves. Claire was the mysterious neighbor who never interacted with Juliet until Desiree was hospitalized. What was their secret?

Juliet had a successful career painting watercolors and selling them to tourists in Puerto Vallarta. When Will called and told her he needed her to come home to care for their mother when she was released from the hospital. Juliet balked at first. She and her mother had a difficult relationship. Plus Juliet had secrets of her own, and she wasn’t willing to share them just yet.

Robinson paints a story that is credible with well-developed characters that are flawed and multifaceted.  This is clearly an author I will follow. THE WISHING HILL was entertaining from beginning to end and filled with compassion, warmth, humor, and a bit of romance. Family relationships are never easy, but Holly Robinson and addressed the pitfalls of secrets kept. I give Holly Robinson’s THE WISHING HILL five stars.

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