Christmas Board Books for the Very Young #3

This is the third and final installment of Christmas Board Books for the very young. I hop you found something to your child’s liking.

Ho! Ho! Ho!


By Charles Reasoner


I loved this rhyming story.  Santa eats too many cookies and gets stuck in the chimney. A little mouse saves the day by pushing Santa down the chimney.  The pictures are in Charles Reasoner’s style – very colorful and with enough activity in each picture to keep a young child’s interest high.


Bear Stays Up for Christmas


By Karma Wilson

Illustrations by Jane Chapman


This was a really cute book.  Bear can’t stay awake, so his friends get him up so he doesn’t miss Christmas.  When they go home, Bear stays up and works on surprises for his friends.  When they wake up it is Christmas and Bear and his friends share their surprises.  Bear gets a quilt that is “just his size” and snuggles up and falls fast asleep. This little book explores the joy of giving.


Duck & Goose - It's Time for Christmas


By Tad Hills


In this delightful Duck and Goose tale, Goose wants do nothing more than catch snowflakes, go sledding, and just have fun playing in the snow.  Goose constantly reminds Duck there is no time for that. “It is time for Christmas.”  With cute little characters, aka Duck and Goose, and pictures that leave plenty of room for a child’s imagination, DUCK AND GOOSE IT’S TIME FOR CHRISTMAS will please the youngest reader through preschool age.


The Mitten


By Jan Brett


THE MITTEN is a Ukrainian folktale adapted and illustrated by Jan Brett. A boy named Nicki wanted white mittens, but his Baba said they would be hard to find in the snow. Nicki lost his mitten and the animals helped him find it in an unconventional way. If you ever read a Jan Brett book, you already know what a fantastic job she does illustrating her books, and this is no exception.


Just a Snowy Day


By Mercer Mayer


Mercer Mayer’s JUST A SNOWY DAY is one of my favorites.  Though this isn’t a board book, it is a wonderful storybook and one of the Golden Touch and Feel books.  I remember sitting with my sons reading this and watching them complete the activity found on each page.  Because the activities on each page involve precise dexterity, I would recommend this to children aged 2-4.


Happy Reading!

Christmas Board Books for the Very Young #2

Reading Christmas stories to my children when they were young was part of our Christmas tradition.  Who can resist a cute Christmas board book for their little one?

Bright Baby Merry Christmas


A Bright Baby Touch and Feel book


This little Christmas picture book identifies various winter pictures for the youngest reader.  There is a snowman, Santa, reindeer, sleigh, and many more to delight a child two and under.


God Bless Our Christmas


By Hannah C. Hall

Illustrated by Steve Whitlow


GOD BLESS OUR CHRISTMAS is a beautiful book about Christmas time activities and ends by reminding children that Christmas is the day Jesus was born.

“The baby Jesus has been born!

A star shines big and bright.

Through Jesus’ birth, God came earth/

God bless our Christmas night.”

I recommend this book for all preschool and toddler aged children.


Peek-a-Boo Reindeer


By Charles Reasoner


This is a cut-out board book, with shaped pages and cut-outs or peek-a-boo holes.  I didn’t find the story to be very engaging, but the illustrations are colorful and the cut-outs are fun. It is definitely a book for the very young to page through and explore the shapes and peek-a-boos.  With Santa, snowmen, reindeer and other forest creatures, the book is well suited to Mom or Dad to embellish the story.


PeekaBoo Elves


By Charles Reasoner


This is another cut-out board book, by Charles Reasoner.  Once again the pictures and the cut-outs will engage young ones is a cute story.  I preferred this story to the PEEK-A-BOO REINDEER.  The elves are making toys and packing up Santa’s sleigh for the big night.

Christmas Board Books for the Very Young #1


Christmas stories are always a popular to prepare for Christmas. Children love the magic of Christmas and enjoy reading the many Christmas story books available.  Still looking for a gift for a little one?  Check out the books on this blog.  There will be two more postings on this topic this week.


Frosty the Snowman


By Jack Rollins and Steve Nelson

Illustrated by Rebecca Thronburgh

Who doesn’t remember listening to FROSTY THE SNOWMAN.  Whether reading the story or singing the song, or watching the video Frosty has brought smiles to children’s faces over the years.

“Frosty the snowman was alive as he could be,” are magical words to a young child. This beautiful little book with its colorful illustrations is just the right size for toddlers to handle.

Have Yourself a Furry Little Christmas


By Naomi Kleinberg

Illustrated by Louis Womble

Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang are getting ready for a Christmas celebration. Each of them attends to different tasks until all the work is done and they are ready to party.  The boldly colored illustrations of the Sesame Street characters will positively delight all little Sesame Street fans.

Our Little Deer


By Sandra Magsamen

OUR LITTLE DEAR is absolutely darling! Not only are the illustrations attractive to a very young child, the book has soft antlers sticking out the top.  It is just too cute!  The story is full of warmth and love for a little deer/dear.

“You fill our home with so much love.

You’re an angel sent from up above.

We love, love, love you, little deer.”

I would definitely recommend this for children 2 years old and under.

My Santa Claus


By Lily Karr

Illustrated by Jay Johnson

MY SANTA CLAUS is a cute book in verse about Santa and his elves delivering presents. The illustrations are boldly colorful and Santa is depicted as the traditional Santa children know.

Elmo's 12 Days of Christmas


By Sarah Albee

Illustrated by Maggie Swanson

Elmo and the Sesame Street gang sing The 12 Days of Christmas with a Sesame Street spin. This book is filled with lots of pictures of children’s favorites, most especially of Elmo.

Christmas Carol by Michele Gorman

I loved CHRISTMAS CAROL, a novella, by Michele Gorman. The protagonist in this modern version of the classic story is Carol. Carol has gone through three disastrous relationships and blames the guys for the breakups. While at her sister Marley’s wedding at a beautiful manor in Scotland, Carol is brought face-to-face with her three ex’s. After confronting each, she learns that it actually wasn’t because of their flaws that each relationship ended, but rather her perfectionist ways. Though Carol had always believed this personality trait would bring her happiness, but instead it drove those closest to her away. She even found she had a low tolerance for less than perfect family members causing her to be withdrawn from them. As Carol learns from her ex-boyfriends that she was the cause of their failed romances, she discovers that she can be happy, even if it sometimes hurts, by being more open and less exacting. She discovers that she is able to have a loving relationship with her guy and with her family members if she just lets go of being Miss Perfection.

Christmas Carol by Michele Gorman
This novella was a quick, fun read. There are ample funny moments throughout the story, and at times I found myself laughing out loud. I certainly would recommend this book not only for the story content, but also because it is a perfect length to read on a trip home during the holidays or to sneak into a busy schedule.
I was provided this novella by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.