Favorite Christmas Stories

Board Books for 2-4

Board books for 2-4 year old children have always been a favorite of mine. It’s not just the colorful pictures and charming stories that I love, but they bring back memories of when my children were young and would crawl up onto my lap for story time. We would read together, as their beautiful chubby fingers turned the pages.

I have chosen some delightful books to highlight. These little board books are just the right size for tucking into stockings.

Duck & Goose - It's Time for ChristmasDuck & Goose It’s Time for Christmas by Tad Hills is an amusing story, like all Duck & Goose books. Duck and Goose are taking a walk in the Snow, and Duck says, “Goose, it is not time for catching snowflakes.” Then no, it is not time for sledding, or making snow angels, or throwing snowballs, or building a snowgoose, or skating, or building snow forts. What is it time for? It is time for Christmas!

Tad Hills 10-15I met the author of the charming Duck & Goose books at the Cincinnati Books by the Banks, book festival, in October.  He is quite charismatic, and besides being a talented author, he is the fabulous illustrator of the books.

I’m Not Santa!, written and illustrated by Jonathan Alan, begins on Christmas Eve. Baby Owl was sledding inI'm Not Santa the snowing woods and thinking about how quiet the woods were in winter, when Baby Hare called, “Santa, it’s you!”  Baby Owl said, “Don’t be silly.”  Baby Hare thought Baby Owl was Santa because Baby Owl was wearing a red hat with white fur just like Santa. And so the story proceeds with Baby Hare finding more and more reasons why Baby Owl is Santa, and with each reason, Baby Owl declares he is not Santa.  Each becomes more upset with the other, until Santa himself appears.  I’m Not Santa! will surely have your little ones chuckling as these two adorable little animals argue over who is Santa. Additionally, the delightful illustrations will be loved by all.

That's Not My SnowmanThe boldly illustrated That’s Not My Snowman…his hat is too soft by Fiona Watt is a touchy-feely book. The snowman’s hat is too soft, his scarf is too fluffy, and his mittens too fuzzy.  The snowman’s buttons are too bumpy and his arms are two wiggly, but his nose is so squishy. Babies and toddlers will enjoy the bright colors and varied textures in this entertaining board book.

No list of board books is complete without a book by author and illustrator Eric Carle. Carle’s only Christmas book Dream Snow introduces us to aDream Snow farmer who lives on a small farm, with a few animals – five to be exact. Their names are One, Two, Three, Four, and Five. Near the barn, a small tree grows, appropriately named Tree. The farmer feeds his animals every day, and cleans their stalls.  When his work is done, he goes home and prepares the same meal he always has, as he sits in his favorite chair. The farmer falls asleep and dreams of snowflakes covering him with a white blanket. When the farmer awakens, he sees a world filled with snow, not dream snow, but real snow.  Suddenly the farmer cries out, “Oh my! Oh my! I almost forgot.”  You and your little ones will enjoy finding out what the farmer almost forgot. The pages are attractively illustrated in bright colors in the trademark style of Eric Carle.

Mouse's First SnowMouse’s First Christmas, written by Lauren Thompson and illustrated by Buket Erdogan is purely a delightful book. One snowy day Mouse and Papa go out to play in the snow. Poppa went sledding and Mouse said, “I can do that, too!” And he did. Poppa went skating, and Mouse said, “I can do that, too!” And he did.  Everything from making a snow angel to building a snow mouse, if Poppa could do it, so could Mouse. Absolutely charming, this is a book that every parent will enjoy reading to his or her little ones.  The beautiful illustrations with lots of bright colors and characters that children will delight in makes this book a must buy for the youngest readers.

Clubhouse Christmas by Susan Americaner, is a book that fans of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse will love.  This colorfully illustrated story has peek-a-boo Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Christmaspages to entertain as well as pictures of everyone’s favorite Clubhouse characters.  Everyone in the Clubhouse is busy getting ready for Christmas.  Minnie is baking cookies, Goofy popping popcorn to string.  Everyone has a job to do.  This is one of those books you will be asked to read over and over again.

All books can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and most indie bookstores.

Have you found a book you would like to gift to your favorite little one? Have you and your child read a book you both loved? Are you aware of any terrific new Christmas book for any age child?  Please share your thoughts and book suggestions below.

Halloween Books for Little Ones

It’s no mystery that I love children’s books, especially board books for the youngest readers.  With a few days left before Halloween, you still have time to go to your favorite bookstore and pickup a Halloween book or two for the little ones in your life.  Here are some of the books I am reading this Halloween with my granddaughter.

Duck and Goose Find a PumpkinDuck & Goose Find a Pumpkin

By Tad Hills (Author and Illustrator)

Duck and Goose look everywhere for a pumpkin. They looked in a log, in a leaf pile, in the apple tree, under water, and on top of a stump, but they couldn’t find their pumpkin anywhere. Thistle had his own pumpkin. Where did Thistle get his? In the pumpkin patch!

This beautifully illustrated storybook by Tad Hills will delight the youngest reader. It is available as a board book, just right for their little hands.


Boo! Guess Who, Elmo!Boo! Guess Who, Elmo

Story by Matt Mitter

Illustrations by Ernie Kwiat

This is a large flap book where the characters ask who is hiding.  The question asked on each flap is “Boo! Guess who, Elmo!”  When a child opens a flap a different Sesame Street character appears in costume.  Additional there is a question for the reader to answer on each page. “What color is the scarecrow’s shirt?” is just one example.

Colorfully illustrated, this board book will appeal to all Elmo and Sesame Street fans.


Mickey’s Halloween - A Lift-the-Flap BookMickey’s Halloween:  A Lift-the-Flap Book

Story by Matt Mitter

Illustrations by Later, Inc.

This book is so much fun for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans. Each page has a different Halloween scene with flap to lift, surprises to find, and all of the favorite clubhouse characters. The story is told in four line rhymes for each scene, and there are different activities for the children to do. On the farm scene the child is instructed to find specific items, and on the haunted house (a friendly haunted house, of course) the child is told to find different shapes.  With over fifty to lift, your child will be entertained for hours.


Fisher Price Little People Halloween is Here! (Lift-the-Flap)

By Fisher Price

Fisher Price Halloween is Here

This fun book by Fisher Price has over 40 flaps for you little reader to lift. All of their favorite little people are here in their Halloween costumes.  This book will absolutely delight every young toddler.



Some other Halloween books I’ve reviewed can be found here and here.

Happy Halloween reading!

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Christmas Board Books for the Very Young #1


Christmas stories are always a popular to prepare for Christmas. Children love the magic of Christmas and enjoy reading the many Christmas story books available.  Still looking for a gift for a little one?  Check out the books on this blog.  There will be two more postings on this topic this week.


Frosty the Snowman


By Jack Rollins and Steve Nelson

Illustrated by Rebecca Thronburgh

Who doesn’t remember listening to FROSTY THE SNOWMAN.  Whether reading the story or singing the song, or watching the video Frosty has brought smiles to children’s faces over the years.

“Frosty the snowman was alive as he could be,” are magical words to a young child. This beautiful little book with its colorful illustrations is just the right size for toddlers to handle.

Have Yourself a Furry Little Christmas


By Naomi Kleinberg

Illustrated by Louis Womble

Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang are getting ready for a Christmas celebration. Each of them attends to different tasks until all the work is done and they are ready to party.  The boldly colored illustrations of the Sesame Street characters will positively delight all little Sesame Street fans.

Our Little Deer


By Sandra Magsamen

OUR LITTLE DEAR is absolutely darling! Not only are the illustrations attractive to a very young child, the book has soft antlers sticking out the top.  It is just too cute!  The story is full of warmth and love for a little deer/dear.

“You fill our home with so much love.

You’re an angel sent from up above.

We love, love, love you, little deer.”

I would definitely recommend this for children 2 years old and under.

My Santa Claus


By Lily Karr

Illustrated by Jay Johnson

MY SANTA CLAUS is a cute book in verse about Santa and his elves delivering presents. The illustrations are boldly colorful and Santa is depicted as the traditional Santa children know.

Elmo's 12 Days of Christmas


By Sarah Albee

Illustrated by Maggie Swanson

Elmo and the Sesame Street gang sing The 12 Days of Christmas with a Sesame Street spin. This book is filled with lots of pictures of children’s favorites, most especially of Elmo.

Fun Books for Little Ones

There is nothing like having a young child crawl up in your lap for story time.  The best books of all are those chunky little board books that are just right for chubby hands.  The colorful illustrations help a child to make the story her own by encouraging her to “read” the story to you.


Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You SeeBROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR, WHAT DO YOU SEE?

By Bill Martin Jr./Eric Carle

BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR, WHAT DO YOU SEE? is a classic storybook with colorful pictures of different animals. The book is set to a jingle, and introduces young children to various colors.

“Green Frog, Green Frog, what do you see?

I see a purple cat looking at me.”


MOO MOO, BROWN COWMoo Moo, Brown Cow

By Jakki Wood

Colorful pictures of animals and a delightful story, MOO MOO, BROWN COW is loved by the youngest “reader”. Each animal is asked by a kitty if they have any babies. The counting story introduces sounds animals make and the kind of babies they have, as well as colors.

“Cluck cluck, orange hen, have you any chicks?

Yes kitty, yes kitty, six noisy chicks”
I love You MoreI LOVE YOU MORE

By Laura Duksta

Duksta’s flip-sided book, with colorful pictures that appeal to young children, I LOVE YOU MORE are a story about how much a little boy loves his mother.  When you reach the middle, just flip it over and start at the back for more ways he loves his mother.

“I love you higher than the highest swing ever swung.

I love you sweeter than the sweetest song ever sung.”


BIG DOG…LITTLE DOGBig Dog - Little Dog

By P.D. Eastman

BIG DOG…LITTLE DOG is a colorfully illustrated book of opposites written in story form.

“When they walked in the rain,

Fred was wet…

and Ted was dry.”

This book is sure to delight young book lovers.



By Al Perkins

Charming and colorfully illustrated, this is a book of noses and the jobs they do every day. They come in every size, shape, and color.  This book will bring giggles from young readers.

“I see a nose on every face.

I see noses every place!”


Next time you’re at the bookstore, check out some of these darling board books for the little ones in your life.

Cute Books for Little Ones

Little BunnyLittle Bunny

by Giovanni Caviezel

Ages 1-4

A cute story about what a baby bunny does all day.

The size and shape of this board book is just right for little hands; however, I felt the story was better suited to older preschoolers.


Llama Llama wakey - wakeLlama llama wakey-wake

by Anna Dewdney

Best suited for ages 1-3

Llama llama has a lot to do to get ready for his brand new day.

Llama, Llama is perfect for little ones to sit and listen to the short sentences and admire the colorful pictures.


I’m not Sleepy!

by Jonathan AllenI'm Not Sleepy

Ages 1-3

Baby Owl stayed up all night and was very grumpy the next day when everyone told him he looked sleepy. “I’m not sleepy!”

This delightful story is sure to have the little ones laughing.


Duck & GooseDuck and Goose

Goose Needs a HUG

by Tad Hills

Ages 1-3

Goose needs a hug, but no one is listening. They offer to play games with him and splash in puddles, but that isn’t what he needs.

A really cute little story that will delight young children who are sure to memorize and read it back to you.