Little miracles

Sue Vincent’s post on The Silent Eye reminds us to take the time to watch the miracle of growth and rejuvenation that is happening in our gardens.

The Silent Eye

“It’s a wild violet. A bit scruffy… it has lost a petal… but still…” The tiny purple flower peeked out from between the stones we had piled up at the base of the weigela to cocoon the roots that had sprouted from its stem in the old raised bed.
“Where did it come from?”
“It self-seeded…”
“That’s amazing…”

My son, with his nascent interest in gardening, has a lot to learn and is learning fast. Every day, the garden offers new miracles, details that would pass unseen as part of the bigger picture of spring to anyone not inspecting each plant minutely and daily. Growth points and leaf buds are being monitored, unexpected colours are appearing and the mysteries of Nature are revealing themselves to eyes full of wonder.

Tiny,  scale-like leaves top each little branch of the heather, crowning last year’s faded flowers with pink and vibrant green. A…

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    1. My pleasure, Sue. Reading it was a bright spot on a dreary day. Today, the governor of Ohio announced that bars and restaurants must close as of 9:00 tonight. They can only operate carry-out orders and drive though. Hugs, my friend.


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