The Gift Counselor

By Sheila M. Cronin


Book Blurb

It’s “Christmas in July”; there’s holly in your heart. What better time to read THE GIFT COUNSELOR? This story presents an intuitive woman who helps people choose good gifts, her ten-year-old son who wants a dog she won’t let him have, and the man who enters and changes their lives. Set in Southern California, The Gift Counselor is a timeless mix of holiday cheer, family drama, romance, spiritual and psychological insights ~ all wrapped up in humor. Book club recommended.

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My Review

THE GIFT COUNSELOR was a wonderful surprise!! It wasn’t at all what I expected. There is a lot going on in the story, but it is so well told you will never feel lost. What a delightful idea to introduce a gift counselor. I liked the premise of the book and loved Jonquil, a single mom and psychologist, with the drive to make her new part-time job into something permanent. This is one of those books you can’t put down.

The author did a delightful job weaving a novel story and creating beautifully fleshed out characters. Rita, who became Jonquil’s dear friend, would do anything to help Jonquil and her son, Billy. Then there was Claude, owner of the construction company that was working on the construction site next door to Jonquil’s apartment. These and the other characters were the honest, hard-working people you would want to include in your circle of friends.

I came across some errors in grammar and spelling, which though annoying, were minor. This is not uncommon in self-published books. However, the self-published often offer something fresh to our reading choices, as did THE GIFT COUNSELOR.

I am looking forward to reading book 2 in the series. Anyone who enjoys light Christian fiction and stories of Christmas would relish this story.

Author Bio

Sheila M. Cronin is the author of The Gift Counselor, winner of the Beverly Hills Book Award, and Best of All Gifts, a sequel. Her stories have appeared in Woman’s World Magazine, The Golden Domer, Good Old Days Magazine and Spark. Cronin lives in Chicago.

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