How do you read it?

Just as everyone has a different style of writing, M.A. Lossl shows us there are different ways to read.

M.A. Lossl

As an author, I’m fascinated by the way people read. Is it possible to write a book to suit all reading styles?

Begin at the beginning, go on to the end, then stop, is not for everyone.

For myself, over the years, I’ve had many different reading needs.

Bookworm: I was an avid reader. Every opportunity, I would read from front to back. I remember having an argument with my dad, at the meal table. He read his newspaper, so I read my book. He did not approve, somewhat hypocritically, I felt. I felt sad to finish a good story; the library was my favourite place.

Short and sharp:  During my teenage years, magazines were my favourite. I first read The New Scientist when I was sixteen, but soon got into all the popular magazines. Life was busy. Time for avid reading was short. Short articles filled my…

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5 thoughts on “How do you read it?

  1. Great post, dear Michelle 💗 The way we read says a lot about us… our interests and life. Clearly, it can have a lot to do with our schedules and free time as well. And it is great for an author to read books or articles that could be useful for upcoming books. Thanks for sharing… sending love and best wishes 😘


  2. This is interesting, Michelle, and something most people probably wouldn’t think about. Right now, I’m reading a novel for pleasure, so front to back. But I’m also reading a fiction, short-story book, so a quick read of one story at a time. And thirdly, I’m reading a poetry book, so a few poems in one sitting. All this reading is done in the midst of life events and trying to blog. 🙂 Hugs, my friend…

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