Taps – Memorial Day

My husband, George, shares a story each year in remembrance of those who have paid the highest price for our country.

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Nine years ago, I buried my father in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.  He was 86 and an Army veteran of WWII; part of ‘the greatest generation.’  As we drove to the burial site we passed row after row after row of white tombstones perfectly aligned in all directions.  The tombstones reached out over rolling hills like fields of wild flowers.  As I absorbed this vista, the tombstones seemed to speak out, in ever so soft voices, offering untold stories of service to our Country.  Is anybody listening?  Will you remember me?  Do you care?

Graves with Flags

On subsequent visits I have noticed that many of the graves are of young men and women who never got the chance to grow up and age with their families.  Lives cut short, standing their watch, so the rest of us could enjoy the freedom provided by this great Country.

In the vastness of this…

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18 thoughts on “Taps – Memorial Day

  1. Hello Michelle,
    I visited, read and posted this comment in George’s blog:
    “Thankfully, Singapore has not had to fight a war since WW2.
    God bless the ones who gave their lives, so others may live.”

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    1. Thank you, Eric. Singapore is very fortunate. Unfortunately, our young men and women are sacrificing daily and I can’t help but wonder if it will ever end.

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Michelle. This post is important and poignant and it brought tears to my eyes. I used to do grief counseling for children and families and some were the survivors of veterans lost in Iraq. Those two little kids by their dad’s gravestone choked me up. ❤

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    1. The stories are repeated throughout Arlington every single day. It is heartbreaking to see a child who has lost a parent. I can’t begin to imagine their grief.

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  3. Beautiful and moving story from your husband, Michelle, and thanks for sharing. I commented on his blog, as well.
    I’m also a little envious that he partakes in blogging, too, because my hubby is purely anti-social media. I’m the techy; he’s the outdoorsman. But, we have a good balance. 🙂
    Sending love & hugs! 💗🌼

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