Book Bee’s Step by Step Guide to Reviewing Books

I found this simple explanation of how to write a review over on Behind the Willows. Even if you don’t read children’s books, you can still give simple reviews like their examples. The point is, if you read a book and enjoy it, thank the author with a review.

Behind the Willows

Step 1: Read a book!

Step 2: Decide to Write a Review.

How often do you pick up a book without a recommendation or perusing reviews online? I still occasionally judge books by their cover at the local library but mostly I rely on recommendations from friends or via reviews online, and I bet you do too.
All of us readers love reviews!
Love a book, want to support an author? The best way is to write an honest review. Reviews are hugely important to us (largely because, like I mentioned, nobody picks up books without looking at reviews).
Love a book and want to support an illustrator? Ditto!
So, if you love readers, authors, illustrators or anyone else in the book industry, support them all and write a review!

Step 3: Don’t Panic!

Maybe you’ve never written a review before, maybe you don’t know where to start.
It’s okay…

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10 thoughts on “Book Bee’s Step by Step Guide to Reviewing Books

  1. I always worry my reviews aren’t long enough sometimes. I still get bothered by 80% of my reviews, generally because I want them to be better but don’t have time to keep redoing them. First world problems, I guess.

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  2. This is great, Michelle! Years ago, I was also self conscious about writing reviews. I’ve written a few since then, so I feel a little more at ease. But new advice or tips are always helpful, too. Hugs! 💕


    1. When I first started blogging and reviewing, I was so self-conscious. I worried that I saw something in a book the author hadn’t intended and no one else saw, or that I misinterpreted the author’s point. I’ve learned since, it really isn’t that difficult. Authors want to know if you liked the book and why or why not. I tell friends who aren’t “writerly” to just say they really enjoyed the book or the topic was something they’ve always wondered about. One line reviews are appreciated as well as the longer reviews.

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