Study: Reading Programs May Improve Kids’ Behavior!

A wonderful post from author Janice Spina on the importance of reading to your children and the effects on behavior.


I found this interesting study about reading  by Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) in the New Hampshire Union Leader on Thursday, March 29, 2018 on page 84. This may be enlightening to many parents who have children with behavior problems.

Here are some quotes from this article. If you would like to look it up online I mentioned the paper and date and page number above. I also took a photo of this article and posted it below the excerpts. Enjoy!

Study: Reading Programs May Improve Kids’ Behavior!

By Lisa Rapaport

(Reuters Health)

Programs that encourage parents to read with their kids may teach more than just book smarts — a new study suggests they may also be associated with better behavior and emotional health.

Reading interventions have long been linked to improvements in language and literacy, especially among young children whose parents have limited income or education. 

But Less…

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  1. Thank you, Michelle, for the re-blog! I hope more parents will read to their children after they realize the importance and benefits of reading upon one’s health. I read because it makes me feel better even when I am sick. Blessings & hugs to you! Xx ❤️

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