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My lovely friend, Morgan, over at Booknvolume got my day off to a good start with her post about what IT says and what IT really means. I hope you enjoy it, and while you are ready, take a look around her blog and enjoy her poetry and snippets from her books in her Dark Fey Trilogy.



Because we all need a laugh now and again, I simply had to share this snippet that I stumbled across in an old email 🙂 I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂


Takeaway: Before joining the help desk elite, unseasoned techs must master the hidden meaning of phrases used during a support call.  There are a number of key phrases that are used on a regular basis at help desks around the world. They sound harmless enough but often have hidden meanings, understood only by those who have been initiated into the black art of the help desk. In this listing of common phrases and their true meanings, I’m sure you’ll see some that you’ve heard before and some that you might have even used yourself.

What IT says vs. What IT means:

“To tell you the truth/To be honest…”

Meaning: “I am…

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