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Many thanks to my wonderful friend, author and poet, Cynthia Morgan of BooknVolume for featuring me in the limelight.


Book Chat

Please allow me to Introduce Michelle James, Quintessential Bookie, Reviewer, and lover of words. Michelle is the author of the blog Book Chat, as well as a reliable source of Encouragement, Friendship and Smiles!

About Her Blog:

Tell us about your Blog.
I started BookChat in June 2013 to share the books I love reading through reviews, as well as to promote the authors of those books. To this end, I do not post any review that I give less than three stars.
I have expanded to reblogging interesting posts that fit into the topic of writing. Occasionally, I enter challenges such as the A to Z Challenge (check out my blog to see how much fun I had with the A-Z). As the proud mom of three sons and grandmother to three grandsons and one granddaughter, you will find an occasional, and hopefully not too obnoxious, post about…

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18 thoughts on “In the Lime Light – Michelle James #Blogger #Interviews

  1. So fantastic to see you in the spotlight Michelle. I agree with lots of what you say when it comes to reviewing. If it doesn’t get 3 stars by me, I won’t review it publicly. Also, I hear you on the ‘if I don’t write a review right away’, as I’m like you, I like to write them while they’re are fresh in my memory. But I have taken up to making notes of parts I know I will want to use for part of the review so that when I’m ready to write the review I have notes to refresh my memory. 🙂 ❤ Well done!

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    1. Thanks, Debby.
      Wise words. I have tried to do the same. It’s easy if I am at home, but when I’m just catching a few pages between appointments, etc., I’m not as good about doing so.

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  2. I am in full agreement about writing reviews as soon as a book is finished, if only I could master that skill. The ARC’s are definitely great, especially when it happens to be a really immersive book.

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      1. That’s the problem! So many books, so little time so we keep reading. Every so often I find a book where I can’t not review it straight away. I relish those times.

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  3. What a fantastic interview, Michelle! Now I’m wondering if we weren’t siblings separated at birth! At least our taste on books and attitude towards reviews are quite similar (and I also loved books as a child and I love Louisa May Alcott who got me dreaming of writing). Great to learn more about you!

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  4. What a lovely interview, Michelle. I really enjoyed your responses and learning a little more about you, your motivation and inspirations. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Beautiful interview! Oh Michelle, you deserve the spotlight 🙂 You always are so good about reviewing others’ books and now you get to stand in the sunshine where you belong xx I liked learning more about you from Morgan’s interview. She asked great questions, including who to invite to a dinner party. I would want to peak into the room as it would make for interesting conversation with all of those people at one table with you! Hugs

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