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Farrell USMC

It was a beautiful crisp morning at Arlington Nation Cemetery about six years ago when we were visiting my father’s grave. Our youngest son, who was in the military, and his wife were with us. As we were walking toward another area we crossed paths with a young mother carrying her young daughter.

We overheard her whisper to her daughter, who we found out later had never met her father, “Let’s go see Daddy.” We were speechless by such a simple comment. We talked with the young mother walking with her to her husband’s grave. We hugged her. We cried with her. There wasn’t a dry eye among us. – Unforgettable.

On our next visit, she wasn’t there, but there were paper cut-out hearts and a toddler’s toys beneath his niche. The young mother will not let her daughter forget the father she never knew. – He is unforgettable.

Two years ago…

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  1. Cremation and then throwing the deceased’s ashes to the wind is becoming more popular. And I understand that there are good arguments for both burial and cremation, but this anecdote illustrates a benefit of having a grave. Both children and adults receive some comfort by having a reminder of the lost loved one they can see and touch.

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  2. It’s so sad. So senseless to lose so many. Peace would be a better choice. But we are grateful to those who make the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy peace on our shores.

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