Guest author: Ray (on behalf of Colin Chappell) – A dog’s life

If you love dogs the way I love dogs, this just might be the book for you (I’m adding it to my TBR). Check out this guest post over on Sue Vincent’s blog.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Ani winksSince she has been hogging the keyboard so much lately, I thought it was about time I got in on the act and had a friend over. Honestly… tap, tap, tap… ‘not now, girlie’ and ‘how did you manage to get the ball there‘ is about all I’m hearing at present. Apart from the odd rustle of cheese wrappers…

So, I thought I’d introduce you to my pal, Ray. Well, okay, strictly speaking, we haven’t met… but have you seen his pictures??? And he has a story to tell about how he trained his new two-legs. Ray is another rescue dog… so we already have something in common… but instead of saving his royalties for an automatic tennis ball launcher, his book… well, the two-legs has his name on the cover, just like she has on my books… the royalties will all go to help other rescue…

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6 thoughts on “Guest author: Ray (on behalf of Colin Chappell) – A dog’s life

    1. Hi Jacqui – I hope you do get the book however, in contrast to many other dog books, Ray does not die in the last chapter (he is still alive and well)! I should stress that, based on comments made and the amazon reviews, there are places where a box of Kleenex close at hand might be useful! Enjoy! 🙂


      1. All dogs are special, but I think rescues are particularly so because they have had some trauma in their background. Not only do they seem to really appreciate all the TLC necessary to incorporate them into a family and the world at large, but the sense of satisfaction at seeing an insecure dog turn itself around to become an affectionate family member is priceless.


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