#Relaunch ~ Taming Tom Jones is renamed For Hannah, With Love #BookReview @Margaretkaj #FridayReads

Please read my friend Cathy’s excellent review of For Hannah, With Love by Margaret K. Johnson.

Taming Tom Jones, written by Margaret K Johnson and originally published in October 2015, has been renamed and relaunched. Here’s Margaret to explain why….

What’s in a title? Well, quite a lot, actually.

I’ve just decided to rename and relaunch my novel Taming Tom Jones. Why? It’s quite a catchy title, and I’ve always been fond of it. But…I came up with it years ago, when I first started to write the novel, because the couple in the story met at a fancy dress party when she was Madonna and he was…yes, you’ve guessed it, Tom Jones.

Some of my books are written quickly, but others take longer. Life or other projects get in the way, and they’re left to simmer and brew. Taming Tom Jones was interrupted by the arrival of my son, by commissions to write language readers, and by ideas for other novels, which I wrote and…

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