Have Fun Writing Haiku & Get the Kids Writing Too!

Getting children to write a Haiku and illustrating it is a great way to involve children, both at home and at school, in a fun activity while they learn.

Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author

Write a Halloween Haiku & Get the Kids Writing Too!

black-cat-halloween-haiku-bas-2016Midnight—my fabulous furry feline—inspired me to write BLACK CAT, a Halloween haiku (Haiku: a Japanese-inspired three-line: 5-7-5 syllable poetry form) and design a poster to go with the poem. Kids love illustrating their poetry.

What’s inspiring you this Halloween?
Brainstorm your list and get writing.
Have fun—don’t forget to get the kids writing too!

Here are some writer’s tricks (literary devices found in every writer’s toolbox) I used to create BLACK CAT. These tools can set a mood— they make writing and reading memorable and fun.  Check them out and see if you can discover where I used them in my poem.

Read on to find out more about these literary devices.

Black cat waits, watches…
Stalking tricksters in their web.
Spiders are her treats!

Three Writer’s Tricks (Literary devices) used in writing poetry and prose

Assonance is the…

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11 thoughts on “Have Fun Writing Haiku & Get the Kids Writing Too!

  1. Thanks for sharing, Michelle! Bette’s post ironically ties into mine. 🙂 I also liked her addition of the literary devices, which I’ve learned in class. Have a ‘spooktacular’ weekend, my friend. 🙂 ♥

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  2. This is wonderful 🙂 Haiku are actually, in my opinion, one of the simplest forms to write and teaching kids to appreciate poetry &/or the expression of their thoughts and emotions is never a bad thing. There is actually a ‘game’ available called HaiCubes, and it is literally a box full of little blocks with words on them that you use to create Haiku. I have it sitting on my desk at work and it’s always a fun conversation piece, but fun for kids as well 🙂

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