The Teenage Girl – Let’s Break Some Stereotypes

These teens are truly inspiring. This is a must read.

When Women Inspire

Today’s guest post is from Kelli Joan Bennett, an amazing writer, actor, and producer of films who I met through Twitter. Her newest project is the documentary film High School 9-1-1. Both producer Kelli and the females in the movie are worthy of being called “inspiring,” in my opinion. Decide for yourself. Take it away, Kelli:


A documentary that breaks gender stereotypes Slashing Female Stereotypes

What do you think teenage girls are capable of?  Spending exorbitant amounts of time on their hair?  Living for social media?  Texting nonstop?  Being boy crazy?  Do stereotypical teen descriptors such as immature, rebellious, shallow, or gossipy rush into your mind accompanied by images of spoiled brats from MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 or emotional basket cases from Glee?  Thanks to the media’s portrayal of teens, words like responsible, dependable, professional, confident, skilled, and respectful do NOT immediately pop up.  Neither does saving lives.

I am never more inspired by someone…

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    1. Thanks for sharing it, Bette. So often teens get a bad rap. It’s great to see the good in them. We need to see more articles like this one.


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