Let’s Talk About #BookReviews Day 4

From Rosie Amber – On Negative and Bad Reviews.

Rosie Amber


We are well over half way through “Write a book review on Amazon ” month and this week I’ve been supporting the campaign with some book reviewing themed posts.

Readers reviewers

At some point in book reviewing everyone will come across a book they really didn’t like, could you still write a review and how could you write it?

Negative and Bad Reviews

I can guarantee this is going to cause a scene.

So what do you do if you really didn’t like a book? People who slam a book and its author publically are often called Book Trolls. Like wise authors who have fans who bully anyone who dares to post a low star rated review, are also connected to the troll label. I suspect this is one of the top reasons why people fear to post a review and it damages the industry as a whole.

Firstly put yourself in the…

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    1. Rosie, this is a terrific series you’re doing here. It is filled with such good information. I know several of my friends follow my blog who are readers but have been hesitant to review. Even if people don’t blog, they should review the books they’ve read, if only on Amazon. Thanks for taking the time to write the posts..


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