Picture books for those with dementia…

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Following my 12th May reblog of a post ‘Top Ten Reasons Picture Books ROCK’ from Author Michelle Eastman’s blog, I was delighted to see a conversation between Michelle and Author Carrie Crebbe Lange about picture books for those with dementia.

Michelle came up with a link I felt needed to be made better known, so I’ve extracted the following from that link:

On 6th August 2013, in order to help Lynn Palmer, Reference Librarian at Davenport Public Library, Goodreads Librarian Cheryl created a Listopia section to list picture books suitable or recommended for reading to someone in the latter stages of dementia.

***Only 87 books have been recommended to date!***

Qualities that seem to appeal are:

-a simple, straightforward storyline (not abstract metaphor or literary devices)
-simple and straightforward sentences
-a little humor
-not a lot of text
-a familiar story (folktale or fairytales)
-a story that depicts aspects of…

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