My Ever Tumbling TBR

TBR 4-27-16

Well, here it is folks, the infamous ever-tumbling TBR.  Well, part of it. What you can’t see is the stack heap on the other side of the room or those piled onto bookshelves.  You really don’t want to know how many I have on my iPad.  It’s sad, I know, but I have a book addiction. I see a book and think, “Oh, I have to read that!” and the next thing I know it is added to my TBR with all good intentions to read and review.  Author requests always come first, though, so my stack just keeps growing.  Did you say “Giveaway?” Sign me up.  “Contest?” Of course.

Now, time to get back to writing my next review.  Thanks for stopping by.

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31 thoughts on “My Ever Tumbling TBR

  1. Hi Michelle, I have to thank you and all your readers for their book suggestions. I was recently laid up from surgery and totally frustrated because I had nothing good to read. I’m terrible at picking books and always depend on the recommendations of others. Yes, I should have been finishing up the third Emerson’s Attic…but just didn’t have the energy. Why is it when you have some time off you think you are going to get a million things done and in reality you fall short! I’ll be ready next time with your list and my Kindle beside me. Happy Mother’s Day.


  2. Looking at the stack of books makes me so grateful we have ereaders now, Michelle. LOL. I hardly ever buy paperbacks these days, but I guess the fact that my books aren’t staring me in the face also makes it easy to forget I bought them, and that they’re waiting patiently on my Kindle. 🙂


  3. Oh Michelle, it looks too similar to my TBR. I just want to devour them all, and I’m always reading 2 books at the same time (to keep up variety and what suits the mood), but just when I think I’m making headway, I can’t resist buying another book. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Kathleen. How are things with you. Anymore books in the Emerson Attic series in the works? Or perhaps another novel? Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.


  4. Fascinating to see the books on your ever-tumbling TBR. My sister-in-law bought me The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell for Christmas. Although I rarely read non-fiction for pleasure, I loved it – you’re in for a real treat with that one.

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  5. Michelle, I would never be able to do it 🙂 I’m so Very Glad there are many who, Like You, Love to Read so that those of use, Like Me, who Love to Write wont slip into silence unheard 😉 ENJOY!!
    (Now all you need is a month in the tropics somewhere to get that stack devoured!)


    1. Thanks, Amy. Too many books, too little time. I have about 550 books on my iPad. Do you think I’ll ever get through them all?
      Thanks for you compliment on the gravatar photo. It was time for a change.


  6. WOWOWOWOWOW! So much to love on your tumbling TBR pile! The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell? I’ll have to check that one out for my “books about books” bookshelf. And I see The Storied Life of AJ Fikry – also a book lover’s book. Love anything and everything by Janis Thomas. Love Marin Thomas. Enjoyed After I Do, enjoyed The Year My Mother Came Back . . . I could go on! Great TBR list. You’re going to be happy, happy, happy for a very long time. Lucky you!

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