Ask an Author to Help, and this is what you Get…

There is no time limit on helping kids. Please think about making a donation of books to the Storybook Project.

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When I learned that nearly 2/3 of children living in poverty do not own books, I started my literacy initiative, Picture Book Pass it On. My intention was to celebrate picture books and encourage people to donate books to kids in need. Fast-forward, a year later, and the grass-roots effort I began has grown into something truly remarkable.

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Last March, I created a special initiative to collect books for children of incarcerated parents in Iowa. I reached out to friends, online and in person, to help with the month-long book drive called MARCHing Books to Kids. The books benefit the VNS of Iowa Storybook Project. Each month, the Storybook Project volunteers record incarcerated parents reading aloud to their children. The audio CD’s and books are then mailed to their children to keep.

In just one month, we collected over 350 books, 450 incarceration-themed Sesame Street book/CD sets, and…

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6 thoughts on “Ask an Author to Help, and this is what you Get…

  1. Wonderful project! Our local Lyons Club is holding a FREE BOOK CARNIVAL in April and I’m so excited to be reading Amazing Matilda and gifting a dozen copies to the cause. This is the first time ever in our area and there are many children here who do not own books. So glad this idea is catching on… Hoorah for books for kids and for people willing to get the magic of reading into their hands! ❤ 🙂

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    1. Bette, your Free Book Carnival sounds wonderful. I am sure you are going to have a tremendous time, while supporting this wonderful cause. It is sad to think that while we take owning and reading books for granted, there are many children who have never owned a book. Best wishes for a successful carnival. Hugs, my dear friend.

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