The Door in the Wall


This post is in response to Sue Vincent of Daily Echo‘s challenge to write a post of 100 words or less telling what lies beyond the door in the photo.


The little door intrigued me. What or who is on the other side? I’ve been watching for weeks and no one has entered or exited the door.

With much trepidation, I eased the door open. The other side was thick with trees and undergrowth, but I shored up my courage and stealthily ventured in.  Suddenly, the undergrowth rustled and a funny looking little man pushed it away from a portal to an underground world.


Trembling, I ran for the door. The coblynau chuckled until it grew to an all out belly-busting laugh.

36 thoughts on “The Door in the Wall

  1. So enjoyed this – working through the round up of those who did the prompt – each one more delightful than the last! How awesome to see one door open so many magical worlds! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Sacha. I fell in love with that door when I saw it in one of Sue’s posts. Fascinating, isn’t it? Hop on over to Sue’s post. You still have time to write your flash.

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  2. Well done, Michelle. It’s great to read some fiction from your pen. I hadn’t heard of coblynau. I thought they must have been your invention. Thanks for the education. 🙂

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  3. I like the idea that you’ve been watching for weeks and no one entered or exited. Portals and paths are intriguing. I used to work near a window that looked out on a stepping path between houses. There was something special about the sight. But what is a coblynau?

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    1. They are mythical creatures that are only about 1 1/2 feet tall. They are said to be ugly, but I thought the looked somewhat like trolls, but cuter. They live in the mines of England, Wales, and Ireland. Some accounts paint them as being benevolent, others more toward evil.

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