Do You Run Contests or Giveaways on Your Blog? Are You Sure They’re Legal?

Authors and bloggers, if you do giveaways, this is a must read.

Vanessa-Jane Chapman

Cartoon pic of man at computer photo credit: office coffee via photopin(license)

Many of us run the occasional promotion on our blog in the form of giveaways or contests. Having had experience over a number of years of running competitions in jobs I’ve had, I was aware of a lot of the legislation that exists, however I had never really thought about it much in terms of my blog. I decided to look into it, naively thinking I could just do a little bit of research and then post the main rules on here for any other bloggers who may be interested. Turns out it’s far more complex than I had realised.

This post is going to be quite long, and frankly not very interesting for anyone who doesn’t run prize promotions on their blog, so if that’s you, you may as well stop reading now, I won’t be offended, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be…

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13 thoughts on “Do You Run Contests or Giveaways on Your Blog? Are You Sure They’re Legal?

  1. Interesting, I would if anybody would care to enforce any of the regulations though. It does make you wonder what random terms are being violated everyday, if I were to do such a thing, I would just ask for addresses and then randomly send books to people over the year, not that I’m Mr Money-Bags enough to do that!

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