Emails Getting Out of Control!

Janice Spina has some tips for solving the issue of too much email.



I find that I am drowning under thousands of emails a week! My emails have multiplied over three years from a manageable hundred to thousands a week in the time I have been involved with social media. I spend so much time doing emails each day that I find there is no time to do what I love to do – write!

What Am I doing about it?

First, I have started by erasing all emails from stores I have shopped where I was asked to give my email and went to their sites and stopped notifications. They always ask for my email. I will no longer share my email. Lol! Just go to unsubscribe at bottom of each store email page and click.


Second, I am going to social media and opting out of as many extra curricular sites on Twitter, FB and other social media. In the beginning…

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