Children’s Books by Ali Pfautz

Smiles and WigglesSmiles and Wiggles
By Ali Pfautz
Illustrated by Sara Grier


Need some brain break ideas for the classroom? Want your kids to be active, but spend some time reading, as well? In SMILES AND WIGGLES: A YEAR OF IMAGINATIVE FUN, Ali Pfautz – The Story Lady shares some of her best poems and songs that encourage kids to use their imaginations. They might pretend to be falling leaves, firefighters going to a rescue call, or baby birds in spring. It’s a book for kids, teachers and parents, anyone looking for get up and move, creative, rhyming fun.


Smiles and Wiggles is a delightful book of poetry divided into five chapters of the four seasons and anytime.  The poems are accompanied by suggestions and movement.  The suggestions include activities that relate to and enhance the meaning of each poem. Movement explains optional motions to accompany the poems. This book has fun written all over it.

Author Ali Pfautz has a winner with Smiles and Wiggles. Parents and educators are encouraged to bring the poems to life by initiating play based on the suggestions and movements. Planning a party or playdate of any size with groups of young children?  Smiles and Wiggles will keep children entertained while learning.

Do I recommend Smiles and Wiggles?  Absolutely!

BOOK TYPE – Print – Paperback

PUBLISHER – Artistic Endeavors Press  (2015)

PAGES – 42

GENRE – Children’s Poetry Book/Teacher Resource Book



No More Slooping, Sara Sue!No More Slooping, Sara Sue!
By Ali Pfautz
Illustrated by Carolyn Schallmo



Sara Sue’s favorite food is soup. She eats it every day and she makes a loud slurping noise with every bite. The sound bothers her friends and family so much that they make up a word to describe it, slooping! Can Sara Sue solve her slurpy slooping problem? Find out in this playful story that mixes a dash of silly words with a pinch or two of tongue twisters. Plus, inside this Special Edition, you’ll find two of Sara Sue’s favorite soup recipes that you can make at home.


Sara Sue loves soup, any kind of soup, but her slooping is getting on everyone’s nerves.  One day Sara Sue’s mother and father told her it had to stop! Sara Sue’s mother told her she had five days to learn to eat soup without slooping or her mother would never make soup for her again.  How will she ever learn to eat her soup quietly!

Ali Pfautz knows how to keep a child’s attention and uses this silly made-up word as she tells the story. Sloop! Slooping! Just the sound of it will set off the giggles.

I highly recommend this five-star book.

BOOK TYPE – Print – Hardcover Edition

PUBLISHER – Artistic Endeavors Press (2014 original printing – 2015 hardcover printing)

PAGES – 40

GENRE – Children’s Picture Book



Ali Pfautz is a storyteller, teacher, and author known as The Story Lady. When she tells a tale everyone gets involved, becoming characters or providing sound effects. Ali encourages kids of all ages to move around and explore their imaginations. NO MORE SLOOPING, SARA SUE! her first picture book, now has a hardcover, special edition with soup recipes in the back. Ali also has a poetry compilation, SMILES AND WIGGLES: A YEAR OF IMAGINATIVE FUN, that is a great resource for teachers and parents. The book has 30 poems to encourage imaginative play in the classroom and at home. Ali’s latest project is a picture book celebrating the bravery of her little buddy, Ella, who suffers from a rare skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa, or EB. Watch for BUTTERFLIES KEEP FLYING in late winter 2016.


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  1. Thanks for sharing these books, Michelle. I particularly like the look of Smiles and Wiggles. It’s great to have fun ideas to get children moving and learning at the same time. While I didn’t think I had met Ali before, I seem to recall reading about her work in progress Butterflies Keep Flying. Thank you for the introduction. 🙂

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