Christmas Trees Around the World

Colleen of Silver Threading is hosting Christmas Trees Around the World and I’ve decided to join in.  Be sure to click the Christmas Trees Around the World link above to go to Colleen’s blogsite and check out other entries.

What I remember most about Christmas, even more than the gorgeous Christmas trees, were the villages my family placed under the tree.

Here is a photo from 1967 of the village under our tree. My mother used some of the houses, sleigh and fence that was part of my grandmother’s village, as well as some newer houses my parents had purchased.Christmas '67

Of course, the torch was passed and I set up a village with the help of my children under our tree.  This is from 1996

Christmas 1996 (3)

My children are grown and have villages under their own trees.  I still do a village for my grandchildren to enjoy when they visit at Christmas.  Our village for 2015.


Our Christmas trees have evolved over the years from short with few ornaments and lots of tinsel icicles to a beautiful tree laden with ornaments from vacations, gifts from our children, ornaments that were on my Dad’s tree when he was a child, and a few from my childhood trees.

Christmas 1969


For our first Christmas my Dad gave us a beautiful crèche that I still put out each year. Quite a few years ago I stopped putting it beneath our tree and now put it in a place of honor where it is more noticeable.IMG_1779

One can’t talk about Christmas trees without a mention of the ornaments, so I’ve included pictures of two ornaments that were passed down to my dad and eventually to me.



I hope you enjoyed a look at our Christmas trees through the years from top to bottom.

Thank you for stopping by.

A very Merry Christmas and a healthy
and happy New Year to each of you.

56 thoughts on “Christmas Trees Around the World

  1. Lovely pictures… I want to go and live in those little villages.. ahhhh 🙂

    Just wish Christmas Day was really like them; I think we all want that, which is why they bring out the wishful child in us all!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your Christmas trees through the years, Michelle. I haven’t heard of setting up a village beneath a Christmas tree before. What a wonderful tradition to be passed down through your family. I wish you and your family all the joys of the Christmas season, and best wishes for 2016.

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  3. When I was a child in Spain the tradition was to set a village, a nativity, and no tree (some were very elaborate and had ornaments and really old characters), but most people go for the tree now…

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    1. I love Christmas trees, but the village and nativity have special meaning. I would love to see some photos from your childhood Christmas celebrations. You could join Colleen’s Christmas Trees Around the World. It is more about traditions than about trees.


  4. Michelle, I loved your tree and village! I never thought to put mine under the tree!!!! I might have to become honorary family and borrow your family idea! This is just one of the most beautiful villages I have ever seen! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely tree and village. Breathtaking! ❤

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    1. Thanks, Colleen. You are honorary family, my dear, so go with it. I am so steeped in tradition, much of which has come from my own childhood. It is so delightful to see my sons have carried on many of those same traditions. Merry Christmas to you and your’s. Hugs, my friend.

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      1. Michelle, I love hearing that your Christmas traditions have transferred over to your sons. That is marvelous. I will be putting my village under the tree next year. I bet there will be two HUGE Pomeranians with their noses in everything! ❤

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        1. When I set it up, I kept out some little figures for Josie to add when she came over. She was very particular about where she placed them. Each year I will give her a bigger role in setting it up. I also saved the box of candy canes for her to put on the tree. She did a good job spreading them all around the bottom of the tree. Already at two, she is taking part in traditions.

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  5. This is wonderful Michelle. I have never even heard of the village beneath the tree before and love the idea. I also really like that you have ornaments passed down from your Dad – how lovely is that. I don’t have anything like that and am so envious. I wish you all the best for a very happy Christmas and healthy New Year. 🙂

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