Dust Bunny Fairy Tales

The Legend of the Dust Bunnies
a fairy’s tale

Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie

Both By Michelle R. Eastman

And Illustrated by Kevin Richter


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The Legend of the Dust Dunnies - a fairys taleFairies enter your house at night, and yes, it’s true, they spread dust, spider webs, and crumbs EVERYWHERE.  That is, all but one very sad and lonely fairy named Artie. Artie collects thread, lint, and hair.  What does he do with it?  Artie makes a dust bunny to keep him company. When all of the other fairies see it, they each want one too, so Artie sets about making dust bunnies for everyone. And, now you know!

Michelle Eastman’s The Legend of the Dust Bunnies: a fairy’s tale is a delightful story about where dust bunnies come from. Every child is sure to love this wonderfully illustrated book with colorful characters and lilting text.

Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie is the second book in the Dust Bunnies series. Aggie is an awkward, unconventional fairy. She just doesn’t fit in with theAggie_Cover_Front_v2_Lo other fairies.  Aggie tries to join the fairy band but her bagpipes are too loud, and she isn’t dainty like the rest of the fairies.

Each evening as the fairies played, Aggie would find a dark corner, and with tears in her eyes, she would hug her dust bunny. One night a little cherub heard her, invited her to join their band, and told her, “You don’t have to be perfect, to find your perfect fit.”

This lovely story is my favorite of the two because it teaches children that individuality is okay.  You don’t have to be just like everyone else to fit in. Once again, Kevin Richter has illustrated this book with the same charming little fairies as he did with The Legend of the Dust Bunnies: a fairy’s tale.

These charming books would make the perfect gift for either a young boy or girl.

Genre: rhyming picture book for ages 4-8

Available as e-book, hardcover, or paperback


Michelle EastmanAbout the Author

Michelle Eastman is the author of Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie as well as The Legend of Dust Bunnies, a Fairy’s Tale. Michelle’s books take a lighthearted approach to the compelling desire kids have to fit-in. The stories validate the need we feel for acceptance, while imparting a subtle message about the joy that can come from embracing one’s individuality. The lively, rhyming stanzas and vivid illustrations appeal to boys and girls alike.

Michelle began her career as an elementary teacher in the West Des Moines School District. At Iowa Public Television, she wrote and produced educational content.

Her work with children, and passion for picture books, inspired her to found the literacy initiative Picture Book Pass it On (PBPiO), to get free books to kids in need.   http://www.facebook.com/PBPiO

When she’s not chasing dust bunnies, or her two cats, she likes to cuddle up with a good book and her son. Michelle lives in Waukee, Iowa. dmeastman@msn.com

Michelle donates $1 from each book sold to Operation Christmas Child.

Books are for purchase on her website, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.



 I received both books from the author in exchange for an honest review of each.


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      1. Awww… And I can’t wait to have a baby myself to get all these lovely books and read it to him/her 🙂 *blushing*
        I’ll let you in on a secret, though we’ve decided to have a baby after 2-3 years from now, I’ve already created a Baby TBR list and I add all these amazing books to that list. So when I’ll have the baby I can refer to my list and get all these books 😀 Hehe!

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  1. Love this concept. Love the morals that it could teach kids too – and the potential for conversations and q and a’s you could have with them about making friends and being nice to other kids. plus I love the covers!

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  2. Thanks for sharing these on your blog Michelle. I have been following Michelle E. for a while now and have considered purchasing these books. I think the second one might be a suitable gift for my little granddaughter.


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